OpenGeo Suite 3.0 released

Today, we released OpenGeo Suite 3.0, which brings many new features and improvements to our flagship product, including the adoption of GeoServer 2.2, PostGIS 2.0, and GeoWebCache 1.3. These improvements significantly expand OpenGeo Suite capabilities, easing replacement of legacy software with a modern web-based open source stack.

In our next few blog posts, we’ll review some of what makes the OpenGeo Suite significant to its users, but for now here are highlights of what you’ll find with Suite 3.0:

  • Server-side processing
    • OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) provides a standard for inputs and outputs (requests and responses) for geospatial processing services such as polygon overlays, buffers, or custom processes.
    • Rendering transformations make processing operations easier in browser-based visualizations by enabling just-in-time use of any WPS process as part of any layer’s style.
    • Server-side scripting in Python and JavaScript allows users to easily deploy their own server-side processes using concise and straightforward APIs.
    • PostGIS 2.0 brings vector and raster analysis into the database.
  • GeoServer security now supports user groups as well as a number of new authentication mechanisms including LDAP, digest and X.509 certificate authentication.
  • Virtual services allow GeoServer to support multi-tenancy, enabling a single GeoServer instance to publish multiple service endpoints.
  • A new caching configuration interface in GeoServer includes the ability to define new grid sets, specify which layers to cache, seed or truncate the cache, and more.
  • OGC Web Feature Service 2.0 (WFS) adds some interesting new capabilities, including paging, stored queries, and extended operators.

Download the 3.0 release to see for yourself. Packages are available for most common operating systems:

Questions? Help us continue to make and support great software by providing feedback through the support channels to which you have subscribed - Send and email to, or create a new ticket in this system (above).

Upgrading: We strongly advise that you follow the upgrade instructions and back up all data directories before you install this software on production (or otherwise mission-critical) systems.

Learn more about the new features in OpenGeo Suite 3.0.

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