OpenGeo Suite 4.0 released

OpenGeoSuite_NewIcon.pngThis is a major release for OpenGeo Suite. It represents the culmination of our comprehensive work to build an enterprise-grade, production-ready geospatial software stack. OpenGeo Suite 4.0 updates each of the major components that underpin the product, and incorporates new technologies and options for deployment as a result of an increased effort in packaging that has resulted in a completely overhauled installer.

Today we’re releasing the Linux and Mac packages. We’ll be releasing the Windows installers soon, but if you can’t wait you can always try the Windows beta version. Be on the look out for the official Windows announcement!

New Features

With version 4.0, OpenGeo Suite introduces support for QGIS, enabling users of OpenGeo Suite to integrate this desktop tool into their workflows. QGIS support is enabled by a new plugin developed by Boundless that streamlines the publication of spatial content to the web, right from your desktop software.

In addition to this, OpenLayers 3 has just been released and we are already providing support for the next generation of web mapping. The OpenLayers library has always been one of the most fully featured options for web mapping, and with a complete rewrite this version is packed with familiar features as well as new ones, by leveraging modern web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL.

Visit our release announcement and release notes for the full list of new features.


Packages are available for most common operating systems:

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