OpenGeo Suite 4.1.1 released

Boundless is proud to announce the release of OpenGeo Suite 4.1.1! This new version of OpenGeo Suite is a maintenance release that includes numerous fixes and component upgrades.

OpenGeo Suite changes:

  • Bug fixes in installers and when upgrading packages for various platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X affected)
  • Upgraded to geos 3.4.2
  • Postgres Pointcloud is now baked into the Windows install (instead of a checkbox)
  • PostGIS libproj grid shift file locations updated on OS X and Windows
  • Fixed gdal package availability in python and removed bridj bindings (use JNI)

This maintenance release also includes the following Component upgrades:

GeoServer 2.5.2+ (Release notes)

  • Fix for rapid concurrent REST API calls to datastores
  • JDBCConfig logging initialization fix
  • Validation of MetadataLink URL changes via REST API
  • GetFeatureInfo engine fixes for unfilled polygons and dashed lines
  • Configuration issue fix fot style edits affecting other styles
  • DBMS connection leak in some WFS GetFeature with bounds enabled
  • Fix for WPS as a workspace-specific service and activity-reporting during asynchronous requests
  • Ability to restrict output formats supported by WMS GetMap and GetFeatureInfo
  • More docs on how to setup JNDI connection pools

GeoWebCache 1.5.3+ (Release Notes)

  • Styles from non-global workspace virtual services (WMS) can now be used by Embedded GWC
  • Layer name field in DiscQuota DB updated to 128 chars
  • Fix for NioLock failing to release its memory lock
  • Fixed support for STYLE parameter in WMTS
  • Fixed unescaped XML characters in capabilities documents
  • Exception thrown when calling getCoverageIntersections on a GridSubset
  • Fix for unrecognized element gwcConfig on startup

GeoTools 11.2 (Release Notes)

  • Image mosaic fixes regarding performance, granule harvesting, and heterogeneous mosaic management
  • Fixes in XML encoding, in GML and WPS land
  • Upgraded imageio-ext dependency to 1.1.10
  • Improvements in Grib and NetCDF formats

Components included:

  • GeoServer 2.5.2+, rev c7886eb2
  • GeoWebCache 1.5.3+, rev 9a50eaa
  • GeoTools 11.2, rev 6cc70bb
  • PostgreSQL 9.3.4
  • PostGIS 2.1.3
  • OpenLayers 3.0PRE, rev 7d9e13f3 (same as 4.1)
  • QGIS 2.2


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