QGIS 2.8.3 released

Boundless is announcing the immediate release of QGIS 2.8.3 integrated with Boundless OpenGeo Suite. Boundless has certified the installation and interoperability of QGIS 2.8.3 with OpenGeo Suite 4.7, and Enterprise customers may receive Commercial Support for QGIS features and functionality provided by Boundless.

Enterprise Availability and Support for several custom QGIS plugins developed by Boundless, including:

  • MGRS-Tools, which adds support for using MGRS coordinates when working with a QGIS map.
  • Web App Builder, which enables QGIS users to build web-based applications easily
  • OpenGeo Explorer, providing an interface to easily manage and configure OpenGeo Suite components, including GeoServer and PostGIS
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