Boundless Suite 4.9

Boundless is excited to announce the release of Boundless Suite 4.9! That's right, we've changed it's name, added a new VM deployment option, and included several fixes and component upgrades. Please note, Java 8 and Tomcat 8 are now required. Suite 4.9 is only available to supported customers at this time. If you're interested in purchasing Boundless Suite please contact us.

Besides that, the following new features are included:

  • New QuickView application, a sample application of the kind one can build using the new WebSDK.Learn more about QuickView.
  • Composer is now its own web application (it was previously part of GeoServer). Learn more about Composer.
  • New GeoServer Detailed Status Page, useful for troubleshooting and determining module status. The page is usually available at http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/about/status.
  • GeoServer UI now displays layer Title, making layer retrieval more efficient.
  • New REST endpoint for uploading and configuring resources such as fonts and icons.
  • Security updates: remote execution fixes to reduce the risk of unauthorized activity on your system.

New Data Stores:

  • NetCDF and GRIB. Available via extensions. Also available is NetCDF 3/4 as a WCS output format.
  • JPEG 2000 for more efficient storage of raster data. Available via an extension.
  • MBTiles for storing millions of tiles in a single SQLite database. Available via an extension.
  • JDBCStore (experimental) for efficient sharing of configuration in a clustered deployment of GeoServer. Works with JDBCConfig. Available via an extension.

*Boundless Suite virtual machine contains all components configured and ready to use. Available for all OSs, this replaces the installers previously available for Windows and OS X.This is the easiest way to test out Boundless Suite.

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