Updates to Boundless Connect

When we launched Boundless Connect at the end of 2016, our goal was to build a community of open GIS users who could easily interact with open GIS software backed by commercial level support and maintenance. We are steadfast in this goal and are continuing to evolve our offerings via Boundless Connect.

Additionally, we are very excited about our recent product announcements for Boundless Server Enterprise and Boundless Exchange, and are looking towards the future to identify more ways to deliver value through Boundless Connect.

As we look to the future, we want to take a few moments to highlight some current changes you’re seeing on Boundless Connect.

Individual Boundless Desktop Subscriptions

Our subscription model will be shifting towards one designed for organizations and will no longer be available to individuals. We still stand behind individuals having access to an open source desktop GIS platform that is free of complicated licensing and credit models. Our team is still actively participating in the open source QGIS project, which powers Boundless Desktop. You will continue to see Boundless backing QGIS and Boundless Desktop as an alternative to proprietary desktop GIS packages.

However, the option to purchase an individual Boundless Desktop Subscription is no longer available. Boundless Desktop is still available as a free download via Boundless Connect, and our Community Q&A is still a great resource to get assistance with your Boundless Desktop questions! You’ll also begin to see many Boundless-developed plugins transition to the QGIS open source project. Over time, you’ll see these become natively available in QGIS.

Streamlining Download Packages

You’ll also notice fewer download options for Boundless products – specifically, Boundless Suite downloads are no longer available. Boundless wants to encourage users to adapt the latest versions of Boundless software. This allows us to better support our customers in an environment that is actively maintained and updated by Boundless engineers.

If you’re interested in accessing some of the legacy software packaged in Boundless Suite, we encourage you to work directly with the open GIS community by visiting GeoServer.org.

There’s more to come! Boundless continues to focus on ways to encourage the use of open GIS. Look for updates in the future around additional product developments, open GIS training, services, and more!

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